Billy's DRM system for preventing piracy and protecting customer licenses




What is DRM?

DRM (digital rights management) is technology that protects software from piracy.
In Garry's Mod, this usually involves some kind of addon being installed to your server which will perform license checks before running a protected addon's code.
DRM also protects customers from having their scripts stolen. You can very easily use XEON's My Servers panel to control your servers.


Because it really sucks when you pour hundreds of hours into a project and people leak it. Unfortunately, we also live in a world where landlords and bills need paying.
DRM is a motivating factor to create more content that you guys enjoy. Hopefully I have created a DRM that never causes problems and is just forgotten about once installed.

Aren't DRMs just backdoors?

Yes and no. Most Garry's Mod DRMs work by asking a license-checking server for Lua code, which is then sent back and executed on your server.
I do not have any interest in backdooring your server. GmodStore is one of my sources of income and it is nonsense to do such a thing: if I, or any other creator on GmodStore were to do this, they would be banned instantly and would never return.
In XEON's case, GmodStore have access to its source code and have vetted it for security. Code payloads are end-to-end encrypted and communication with the DRM servers are over SSL.

What if the DRM server goes down?

XEON is a network of multiple servers in multiple datacenters across the world. The likelihood of all of these servers going down at once is virtually 0%.

What if you stop selling Garry's Mod scripts?

If I stop selling Garry's Mod scripts, or somehow perish in some way, the DRM will be removed from the scripts and everyone will receive DRM-free copies.

Can DRM be removed?

Of course. No DRM is uncrackable. However, most DRMs have detection systems that will know if you start tampering with it, and your licenses will be revoked with no refund.

Can DRM affect my server's performance?

No. The DRM loads code like any normal script on your server. Once the DRM has loaded all of your scripts, it goes to sleep and frees any resources it's using.

Can I buy a non-DRM copy?

I offer non-DRM licenses to trusted customers with large communities and appropriate security policies. In most cases, non-DRM copies make no difference other than giving you access to source code which you can edit to your needs. I will not sell anyone a non-DRM license if I feel it is unnecessary.
The price of the non-DRM license reflects the size of your community. For more information, click here.

My script was stolen, now what?

Click here to go to the server panel.

I'm a server host, how can I add the module to my panel's Mod Manager?

Shoot me an email and I'll get in touch.

Can I use XEON for my scripts?

Sorry, but XEON is a private DRM.